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February 2017

Another Win for the Deep State

Before reading today’s entry, please give a listen to Glenn Greenwald on last Thursday’s “Democracy Now!” (but bear in mind that this is the miserable SOB* who makes a living saying what I’ve been thinking — only more articulately and with far more authority, facts, and, dammitall, verve). And now for the truly good stuff… Gen. Michael Flynn has been… Read More »Another Win for the Deep State

“On Russia, Trump is a CODE PINK Republican” (Bloomberg)

Jaw dropping: This jingoistic Bloomberg article (linked to photo above) tries to smear Donald Trump by comparing him to CODE PINK — an outstanding peace organization which the “rah-rah” author, Mr. Lake, denigrates and mocks. Even worse, the article recklessly (if predictably) celebrates the few modest concessions Trump has made to the warmongering DC establishment. (Liberals and moderates say they… Read More »“On Russia, Trump is a CODE PINK Republican” (Bloomberg)