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September 2017

The #McResistance is Real.

“Trump the next Hitler! Stop the Trump! Stop the war-devil, nuke-world monster…” …by giving him an additional $700 billion to wage war. No debate, just give Donald Trump (and the Bush-Obama engorged MIC) hundreds of billions of additional Pentagon dollars — nearly 50% more than the $55 billion annual increase Trump requested — after decades of reducing millions of Americans… Read More »The #McResistance is Real.

The catharsis we’ve been waiting for (next stop, UNITY!)…

UPDATED 9/27/17 First they told us that unity is absolutely critical in the age of Trump, so we must never question our corrupt, incompetent, neo-McCarthyite leaders. Then they plunged a series of poisoned daggers into the heart of the base — and the future of the Democratic Party, if polls and demographics mean anything. When they said “unity,” it’s clear… Read More »The catharsis we’ve been waiting for (next stop, UNITY!)…

Trump’s other value, besides… I forget (doorstop?)

TRUMPLOMACY: DONNY GOES TO THE U.N. Finally, a U.S. president who makes it easier for sane nations around the world to distance themselves from our establishment’s genocidal, warmongering agenda – the neocon agenda, which has killed millions of innocent, mostly Arab/Muslim, civilians over the last two decades! This is the other, usually overlooked, VALUE of Trump in the White House: his deplorable… Read More »Trump’s other value, besides… I forget (doorstop?)