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August 2018

Worst. Citizens. Ever.

Responding to a comment at CommonDreams.org, I may have finally articulated something intelligible, as follows (earlier in the thread I may have face-planted a bit, rhetorically, but here’s where I redeemed myself): You’re entirely correct about the proclivity of the right-wing, not the left, toward violence. And yes, indeed, I saw the ugly messaging from Tea Party types following President… Read More »Worst. Citizens. Ever.


“Those who have been truly silenced in the ‘Trump era’ are those who were critical of the seemingly perpetual U.S. government war machine since the invasion of Iraq.” Spot-on, Mr. Husseini. The anti-war left has been silenced. That’s precisely what has happened to us. For all intents and purposes, we no longer exist. The “Trump era” marks unthinkable gains for… Read More »SILENCED BY NEOCONS.

On prurience and hypocrisy… “Won’t someone please think of the children?”

From the article by Glenn Greenwald: “This kind of love, between two men or two women, has existed for thousands of years, long before the kind of ignorant bigotry that we now hear on a regular basis, provoked by a simple picture of love.” — Pedro Lotti, crusader for equal rights and basic human decency “Won’t someone, please, think of… Read More »On prurience and hypocrisy… “Won’t someone please think of the children?”

Trump has made America “great” again… McCarthy LIVES!

I’m back in that place I call Me. Again, I have to distinguish between myself and my warlike, xenophobic, racist-imperialist society. I love. I excoriate. I grieve. (And I PAINT.) (And watch movies.) (And read comic books.) (And immerse myself in “political” books by irrelevant people like Chalmers Johnson, Christa Wolf, Hannah Arendt, James Cone, Chris Hedges, Sheldon Wolin, John… Read More »Trump has made America “great” again… McCarthy LIVES!