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With respect to the 17 victims in Florida and their surviving loved ones…

Regarding gun violence in America, THE DIAGNOSIS of this societal sickness was laid out perfectly in Michael Moore’s (totally f’g brilliant) “Bowling for Columbine” — http://watchdocumentaries.com/bowling-for-columbine/

(As in his films “Roger & Me,” “Fahrenheit 9/11,” “Sicko,” and “Capitalism: A Love Story,” the MSM-maligned progressive filmmaker demonstrated a firm grasp on the dire trends that were shaping America’s future when he made that devastating documentary, shortly after the mass-shooting event in Littleton, Colorado, that left 14 high school students and one teacher dead.)

And THE PRESCRIPTION for addressing this horrific crisis has been pretty well mapped out, too: https://www.democracynow.org/…/20/if_australia_can_do_it_why

And THE PRESCRIPTION FOR MAKING “THE PRESCRIPTION” A REMOTE POSSIBILITY? Replace the duopoly by never voting D or R again.

It’s common sense.

(Because who would vote for serial mass-murdering psychopaths who clearly loathe democracy, at home and abroad — the two parties that have worked overtime to destroy the planet and reduce the U.S. to banana republic status in a matter of a few short, drunken-financialized, corporatocracy-enshrining, Constitution-shredding decades?)

(Only everyone I know, that’s who…)

* * * * *

SO, since the notion of the American electorate abandoning its lifelong (institutional) mortal enemies is “not realistic,” maybe we should at least try pushing like mad for ELECTION/CAMPAIGN FINANCE REFORM (rather than sleepwalking into a world war with Russia and China over a bunch of unsubstantiated — largely debunked — intelligence agency drivel).

Election/campaign finance reform (perhaps along the lines prescribed by Prof. Lawrence Lessig in his excellent book, Republic, Lost) is the only hope we have, at least as long as we insist on voting for our evil overlords’ official courtesans.

Get the Democrats and Republicans out of the NRA’s pocket (and the MIC’s, Wall Street’s, etc), and we might actually accomplish something.

We might even make our schools and society safer for children and other living things.

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