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A Bright Future for America

The CRISES we face:

1) Joblessness in America

2) Crumbling infrastructure, roads-dams and education-broadband

3) Imperial national security state with dwindling moral stature and eroding civil liberties

4) Energy paradigm feeds terrorist states and risks global calamity, re: CO2 (per 95% of climate scientists; there’s NO controversy among experts about this dire threat)

Note: The deficit is a priority, but FAR from the first order of business.

The SOLUTION to ALL of these crises: Learn from history!  America, with a greater debt problem than the one we face today, SPENT our way out of the Depression — and frankly, we have areas that desperately need investment.

While our credit’s still good, we need to commit REAL money (not the “Stimulus” bill’s paltry $120 billion for transportation/infrastructure, but something on the order of $1 trillion) to INFRASTRUCTURE modernization. Greening our infrastructure will create JOBS, reduce our dependence on fossil fuels (depriving terrorist states of money AND curtailing our “vital security interests” in oil-producing nations, allowing us to end our counterproductive wars); and reduce CO2 — a priority for any sane, informed human being.

Shifting our energy paradigm and modernizing our infrastructure will create MILLIONS of jobs, reviving consumer activity and growing revenue (reducing our debt).  We will end our immoral wars of plunder and reap huge savings.

This is how we create a 21st-Century economy and bright future for America… if only the fossil-fuel and defense lobbies would allow it (too bad they run our government).

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