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A Civil Conversation, Part IV: The stolen 2000 election, the monolithic MSM, and the dominance of the MIC (returning to Jordan B. Peterson soon)

INSTALLMENT THE FOURTH: (see title, above, for details)

(My response to “Doc” continued…)


Are you aware that it was Jack Welch, Chairman of General Electric (GE, which owns NBC), who in 2000, in the wee hours of a nail-biting election night, ordered his news desk to follow FoxNews’ example and call the election for George W. Bush — cementing the idea in the public’s mind that Bush had “won” the presidency and Gore was a “sore loser” — even though Gore was technically ahead in the Florida vote count at the time, on his way toward winning the presidency?

Did you know that it was Bush’s first cousin, John Ellis, who was in charge of the FoxNews election desk, and who called the election for that network? It was a thoroughly corrupt process and outcome, requiring a raft of blatant rigging and the disenfranchisement of thousands of African-Americans… yet there was no pushback from the other media outlets.

But why should they have resisted? The thrust of the media coverage in 2000 was so heavily slanted toward Bush it was laughable. Bush campaign narratives became major media narratives, no matter how little evidence there was to support them. For instance, Gore never claimed to have “invented the Internet,” nor was he a “serial exaggerator,” with a pattern of self-aggrandizing lies. Such claims were false, but Karl Rove’s slanderous attacks were repeated, ad infinitum, by every major media outlet… even as they quietly allowed the facts to come out in the back pages of their newspapers; or mentioned once or twice on their broadcasts — while the propaganda received 24/7 repetition and prominence.


The MSM’s modus operandi has become all too predictable: the industry always favors the furthest right candidate with a chance to win. That’s why they uniformly and blatantly favored Sec. Clinton in 2016. Trump was taking position after position to Clinton’s left, while reckless, reprehensible Clinton was vowing actions that could very well instigate WWIII. The neocons hated Trump, for good reason, Wall Street didn’t trust him, and neither did the healthcare industry, which had gotten everything it wanted from the Democrats: HeritageCare/RomneyCare, mandated customers and virtually no cost controls.

More evidence of the propaganda-dishing, right-wing monolith that is the American news media:

– When it comes to anthropogenic climate change, the science has been consistent for a very long time now: a full-blown crisis, arguably the gravest in human history, is fast upon us, with the oceans collapsing, the Great Barrier Reef dying, “multiplier effects” cascading, glaciers rapidly melting, and the Sixth Mass Extinction event well underway. Yet from the Koch-dominated CPB to CBS to CNN to NBC to FoxNews and beyond, a world-threatening catastrophe has been all but ignored. The science has been relentlessly downplayed and obfuscated by the corporate media, to the extent the subject has received any coverage at all. When the climate catastrophe does receive any coverage (a rarity), the corporate media gives us the old “false equivalence” treatment, giving industry-funded professional climate deniers equal time and treatment as genuine experts like Dr. James Hansen and Bill McKibben. And folks like Hansen and Bill McKibben are rarely given a platform in our broadcast media. Instead, fossil-fuel industry propagandists are routinely allowed on the air, claiming climate science is a “hoax” — as often as possible.

When it comes to pushing the MIC’s neoconservative agenda, the media — FoxNews to MSNBC to CNN to NPR to the leading newspapers — march in lockstep. ALL of those organizations (and countless others) sold the Iraq “WMD” claptrap and buried the well-documented truth that not even the Bush administration believed the lies they were spinning. Meanwhile, progressives were holding the largest pre-war protests in American history… and being ignored by the MSM. The obviously false case for invading Iraq was debunked seven ways from Sunday — before the war started — and uniformly the MSM ignored or buried the stories that contradicted the neocons’ propaganda… while blaring their lies at top volume, repeating them, just like Edward Bernays and Joseph Goebbels had taught them to.

– As a monolith, the media has conducted itself in even more propagandistic fashion, with regard to Bashar al-Assad “gassing his own people” (debunked many times over), while promoting the CIA-MI6-birthed, Washington-funded “White Helmets,” an al Qaeda front group that stages false-flag attacks and works only to demonize the government in Damascus — which Syria’s minorities have overwhelmingly fled to for protection, especially following the ethnic cleansing by radical Salafist militants trained, armed, financed, and coordinated by Western forces (CIA and JSOC primarily).

As much as I’ve droned on, here, I hope you’ll eventually give a read to my detailed analysis of the origins of the conflict in Syria, including the documentation of the chemical weapons attacks launched by the foreign invaders (Mujaheddin 2.0), which the U.S. has been pouring into Syria for the sole purpose of regime-change:


NEXT: Mujaheddin 2.0, the MSM hate machine, and the Donald Trump of the 2008 Democratic Primary

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