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A forgotten “Me, Too” tale of the 1990s…

When Prof. Anita Hill was slandered with misogynist, racially loaded slurs for coming forward with her story — involving years of sexual harassment and unwelcome advances from Judge Clarence Thomas — three other women bravely stepped forward and said “ME, TOO!”

Only that’s when Joe Biden stepped in.

In a lesser known chapter of the former VP’s sordid political history, Delaware Senator Joseph R. Biden, Jr, made sure that the trio of other women saying “Me, too!” about Judge Thomas never got to share their stories.

Sen. Biden ensured that Prof. Anita Hill stood alone.

Did those three other women’s stories also involve years of unrelenting sexual harassment? Were they also subjected to Judge Thomas’s frequent lewd suggestions involving porno movies, orgies, and bestiality? Were there more strategically placed pubic hairs on these underlings’ beverages?

Thanks to Sen. Joe Biden, we’ll never know.

As Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, “Cup of Joe” Biden acted with ruthless zeal and efficiency to seat Clarence Thomas, ideological radical and alleged serial workplace harasser, on the bench of the U.S. Supreme Court.

Because Joe Biden didn’t just run with David Brock’s “a little bit nutty, a little bit slutty” character-assassination of Prof. Hill, grilling her like the rest of the Republicans. He made sure that the stories of those three other victims — corroborating Hill’s grim experience with predatory Clarence Thomas — would never see the light of day, so far as that confirmation process was concerned.

With Biden running the show, Prof. Anita Hill was hung out to dry.

Thanks to Joe’s tireless efforts, Clarence Thomas was elevated to the highest court in the land, where he would proceed to give us “President” George W. Bush (in a 5-4 affair which makes the 2016 general election result look like an immaculate exercise in democracy).

“Justice” Thomas also helped give us the dark money bonanza that is Citizens United — and a host of other really swell jurisprudential developments, leading to the situation we Americans enjoy today.

Thanks heaps, Joe. (Please go away now.)

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