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About James

James C. O’Donnell III – Writer & Artist

As a writer and artist interested in affecting the broad political discussion, for years James has divided his responsibilities between two major endeavors:  research and artistic expression.  To give himself the freedom to pursue his interests and activism, James has worked as a freelance artist, graphic designer, night watchman, and assistant apartment manager – jobs which permitted him time to read, write, draw… and follow current events.  His current goal is to create a network of artists, writers, and activists capable of bringing to fruition a variety of creative projects designed to entertain and educate his fellow Americans.

4 thoughts on “About James”

  1. Thanks for participating in our facilitation yesterday! I love your 99% flyer & I will be framing it 🙂

    See you around Occupy Oakland,


  2. James,
    thanks for your excellent work. As a politically active artist I wish to share my website with you. My current blog is titled “Anarcho-syndicalism, Camille Pissarro and the Occupy Movement. A video featuring onsite paintings by three artists of Occupu Oakland and Occupy San Francisco.
    Best wishes,
    Anthony Holdsworth

  3. As we electric slid ourselves into the Iraq war, I kept shouting to my 50 something old activist peers as we stood at marches- in Senator’s offices- etc- 2 things-

    Where the hell are the goddamned kids? (Sorry- American Friends- not you guys- I mean the scruffier ones)
    Where the hell is the music???
    I’m beginning to think maybe you ARE out there and maybe you’ve got an even greater capacity to illustrate the madness and the pathos of the state of things. And I surely hope so because my feet can’t handle this any more and because the stakes are even higher than before. But you are artists- and the challenge (perhaps in all art) is to maintain artistic integrity while drawing in the souls of the masses- catch their eyes then perhaps their hearts and their greatest dreams.
    Meantime, carry on- from what I’ve read- you surely have your facts right.

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