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Addendum to Previous Blog: George Galloway on Syria

British Member of Parliament George Galloway’s overview of Syria (provided in the linked clip below) serves as a pretty good companion, I think, to my most recent post.  I realize that Galloway’s uncommon empathy with the Palestinians (and Arab/Middle Eastern victims of Western policy, generally) can be off-putting to some — especially when expressed as criticism of Israel — but I find his analysis of the Syria situation (and Middle Eastern affairs, generally) basically sound: apt, valid, rare, and vital.

The following YouTube clip begins with Galloway’s comments already in progress.  He’s recounting the dark predictions of anti-war people (like himself) about Libya, before NATO launched that war, and how those predictions turned out to be tragically prescient concerning the resulting balkanization of Libya and persecution of dark-skinned Africans by NATO’s allies in the war’s aftermath.

For those who are looking for an introduction to Mr. Galloway, I’ll include the following link to another YouTube clip, the duly famous George Galloway vs. Rupert Murdoch’s “Sky News” clip from summer of 2006, discussing the Israeli war on Lebanon with a British “news” anchor.  It should be noted that many of Galloway’s points are supported by the Israeli government’s official assessment of that war (the Winograd Report): a brutal war which, even from Tel Aviv’s perspective, was a debacle.

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