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Americans Cheer a Barbaric Murder

I’ve been reading comments across the Web today, reacting to the news of Moammar Qaddafi’s death, and I have to say that this generation of Americans deserves everything it has coming to it. Most of the comments I’ve seen articulate mere bloodlust and barbarism — and not a shred of concern for the Rule of Law.

Qaddafi, like Saddam Hussein before him, has been brutally lynched by a gang of thugs partnered with the U.S. They disarmed the 69 year old and paraded him through the streets on the hood of a truck, pulling at his hair, bashing him with their fists and rifle butts, and tearing at him like a pack of wild dogs as he begged for mercy. Per the initial forensic analysis, the killers administered the coup de grace with a few bullets into his brain at close range.

How could anyone confuse this outcome with civilized justice?

Worst of all, the circumstances of his death point ENTIRELY to successors of the same moral caliber (or worse) as the man they just deposed. After all, many of them were Qaddafi’s lieutenants just a few short months ago — and the bulk of the remaining “resistance fighters” are veterans of al-Qaeda in Mesopotamia, renowned for their extreme ruthlessness in mass killings of civilians in Iraq.

How “democratic” and “enlightened” are these allies of ours? Members of the Transitional National Council have openly admitted their responsibility for Qaddafi’s murder (an outcome the Obama administration repeatedly suggested it favored, which is grotesque in itself).

There was a time when Americans would’ve recognized this kind of conduct for what it is: bloody, ill-fated anarchy. Appalling.

But that time has passed. Today, the Constitution is just a bunch of pretty words our corporate masters use to wipe their backsides. Today’s pathetic Americans sit idly by while our pensions are looted and public services we built over decades are sabotaged, privatized, and dismantled. We cheer as the Bill of Rights is flushed down the toilet. America is failing and few seem to understand that it is our UNAMERICAN VALUES (our torturing, civilian-slaughtering, rights-quashing oligarchy) that are doing us in.

And that is why I can’t celebrate the gory murder of this bad man — because as we cheer his death, we’re also embracing his values and chasing our own demise.

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