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Another Win for the Deep State

Before reading today’s entry, please give a listen to Glenn Greenwald on last Thursday’s “Democracy Now!” (but bear in mind that this is the miserable SOB* who makes a living saying what I’ve been thinking — only more articulately and with far more authority, facts, and, dammitall, verve).

And now for the truly good stuff…

Gen. Michael Flynn has been defenestrated by the Washington foreign policy establishment for advocating detente with Russia and greater international cooperation against ISIS and al Qaeda. While most on the left will cheer this development, I encourage you to revisit Flynn’s interview with al Jazeera’s Mehdi Hasan, providing a rare glimpse into U.S. foreign policy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LOTiuszCl0c

In short, radical Salafist militants have provided the bulk of the fighters for Washington’s regime-change operations in the Middle East — the CIA’s second Mujaheddin, in effect — responsible for initiating the ethnosectarian carnage in Syria that has left over 400,000 people dead and created over 10 million refugees. Gen. Flynn has been sharply critical of the policies that led to this modern holocaust, which is why he’s been forced out of top government positions in intelligence. Twice now, with Trump today emulating Obama a few years back. More’s the pity.

For those unaware of the myriad ways that President Obama brought to Syria the same kind of devastation that George W. Bush brought to Iraq, this primer on the origins of the conflict includes links to Pulitzer Prize winners and mainstream news sources, including The New York Timeshttps://invitation2artivism.org/?p=944

But back to Michael Flynn and the significance of this moment: The general’s Islamophobic ignorance and partisan foolishness aside, the Trump administration just lost one of its few remaining voices pushing back against the genocidal neocon agenda in the Middle East… and against World War III, if anyone cares. And yet the left will surely celebrate his departure, as the “centrist” neo-fascists who run America’s foreign policy establishment take a major, dissent-crushing step toward co-opting Donald Trump’s presidency entirely — like Obama before him — and bringing a dangerously ignorant president on board the monstrously bloody train that’s been running at full steam since George W. Bush’s time.

“Hooray for our side.”


*(Figuratively speaking, Glenn… Honestly, I’m just jealous. The truth is that all of us, here at Invitation2Artivism.com, think you’re just the GREATEST! Keep up the outstanding work, stealing my best thoughts and backing them up with exemplary reporting and cogent commentary.)

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