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Black Lives Matter… even more than idol worship and RussiaGate.

Black History Month is over, but the harassment and beatings apparently never end, as evidenced by this North Carolina man’s story.

“Walking while black” remains an unforgivable, even capital offense in the eyes of many U.S. police officers, their institutionally bigoted departments militarized under previous U.S. presidents birthing the national security state… while eviscerating the Bill of Rights.

If President Obama were still in office — helping Wall Street plunder the wealth of black Americans and ignoring the gutting of the Voting Rights Act — I have no doubt that he would bravely host another “Beer Summit” indicating that “both sides” are to blame. (Or was that his successor, re: Charlottesville?)

If President Obama were still in office — letting Sec. Clinton and the genocidal neocons run away with his foreign policy — AG Holder would be preparing to issue another bracing “racism is bad” statement, a la the Ferguson report (such strong leadership, emboldening racists across America, as when Obama condemned Colin Kaepernick for respectfully protesting this kind of normalized, racially-motivated, police violence in the first place).

Is anybody else sick to death of this heinous brutality and rampant injustice? Or are we still chasing, doglike, the stalled jalopy that is RussiaGate? (I guess hating Trump, demonizing Putin, and warmongering on behalf of the “Iraq WMD” crew, is a lot more fun and easy than confronting white supremacy in our institutions, huh?)

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