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“Bright Eyes” speaks!

Last night, I found myself sharing an epiphany with my darling wife, to wit: at this stage of my life, so far as my internet presence is concerned, I’m little more than “Taylor” at the end of 1968’s Planet of the Apes movie:

“YOU MANIACS, YOU BLEW IT UP…” and so forth… on a loop.

The resolution I should be aiming for: “I hate every ape I see, from chimpan-A to chimpan-Z…” culminating in the startling reversal, “I love you, Dr. Zaius!” (courtesy of The Simpsons’ “Planet of the Apes: The Musical,” starring Troy McClure as “Bright Eyes”)

We’ll see how sanguine and conciliatory I get once the missiles are flying, after our neo-fascist establishment gets the buffoon in the White House to reverse himself completely on WWIII.

(Let’s hope I’m wrong on that count, of course.)

In other words, I think Matt Taibbi’s latest piece in Rolling Stone is very much on point: WE did this. Trump has done his shabby best to resist, but our nation’s warmongering “liberal” establishment isn’t having any of Donald Trump’s “isolationism,” aka, talk of diplomacy, detente, and partnering with our geopolitical rivals, where possible, rather than pursuing one more global war predicated on a raft of anonymously sourced, evidence-free, intelligence agency hooey.

Next stop, the Middle East… once again.

Based on a fresh, smelly mess of “WMD” and other fabrications… once again.

(It’s what we do.)

Cliché or not, this is not going to end well for us or anyone else, in all likelihood. This one looks, for all the world, like Armageddon.

(Again, I hope I’m wrong… but I’m getting pretty tired of being right — and mostly alone — on such matters.)


George “Cassandra” Taylor (but you can call me “Bright Eyes”)

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