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Celebrating another citizen journalist, Jordan Liles

Thank you, Jordan Liles, for this very good journalism documenting what went down at the Nevada Democratic Convention. Your 9-minute video presents a nice contrast to the corporate media’s (stenographic, Clinton Camp-originated) folderol about “violent” Bernie Sanders supporters; rather than spreading David Brock’s latest “artful smear” (nicely debunked by Cenk Uygur) you’ve shed light on a process that was clearly an undemocratic farce. In sharing your work on Facebook, I added the following comments:

Another glimpse at America, not for the faint of heart: Nevada is one several states apparently rigged for Sec. Clinton, this year. After upstart Bernie “tied” (won) in Iowa (also apparently rigged, with even The Des Moines Register crying foul) and went on to make all kinds of history in New Hampshire, Nevada became “must win” for Camp Clinton. Who remembers what happened next? That’s right: with Nate Silver and other pollsters pointing to a Sanders come-from-behind WIN in Nevada, Sen. Harry Reid (NV, Minority Leader) got union bosses in Las Vegas to direct thousands of Clark County workers, *under supervision*, to go “caucus for Hillary” (obviously, such conditions are coercive, where one’s *job* is to participate in an open process with the expectation of support for a specific candidate). Several weeks later at the Clark County convention, Sanders’ delegates reversed the original outcome, because THEY SHOWED UP in greater numbers, because Bernie’s support in Clark County was ACTUAL, rather than artificially inflated. Sen. Sanders likely won — or at least tied — in Nevada, as the exit polls indicated… only the Nevada Democratic Party won’t allow a delegate count that reflects that reality… nor have Democratic officials across the country allowed anything resembling a fair, open, transparent process in SELECTING their “Democratic” nominee (126,000 voters purged in Brooklyn alone, Bernie’s birthplace and hometown; and then there’s what happened in Massachusetts, Chicago, Arizona, Rhode Island…).

THIS is what tyranny looks like, folks. Consider the results to date: Our deeply corrupt, war-profiteering establishment is responsible for the deaths of millions of Muslims over just the past couple of decades and the persecution and oppression of millions of American minorities, especially African-Americans. Our industries have knowingly trashed the planet’s climate, posing a genuine threat to the future of life on Earth. In all quarters of the world, Washington routinely supports dictators, terrorists, drug-lords, and corporate criminals — all MSM propaganda aside, America is rarely, if ever, on the side of democrats, human rights workers, journalists, or the rule of law (consider Honduras, Haiti, Uganda, Ukraine, Bahrain, Yemen, Palestine, Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Argentina — and we mustn’t forget Syria-Libya, where the US is actively arming and supporting genocidal affiliates of al Qaeda and ISIS, hell bent on regime-change in Damascus and Tehran… the neocon agenda).

Wrapping up: whether we’re talking about democracy/the rule of law/human rights — or the foundering oceans and important, disappearing species, like bees and other pollinators — the inescapable concept is that of the “tipping point.” How much further can we push our indifference to all of the things that matter most?

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