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Childless by choice

Last month, my niece (27) asked me why I never had children of my own, since I obviously love kids and have made a priority of involving myself in the lives of my sisters’ children.

Aside from dumb luck — and a lot of birth control — in the early goings, I’ve allowed my fears about the future, ultimately, to make my decision for me.

(And, yes, I feel a tiny bit cheated and sad, but I could not, in good conscience, bring human beings into the world that’s coming.)

In short, this is the latest dire bulletin from the collapsing natural world to keep me up at night: https://www.counterpunch.org/…/global-warming-stirs-the-me…/

Is the end nigh? Obviously, no one knows for certain, but my god, this doesn’t look good!

(It’s enough to make a person wish we had some sort of society or government, willing to take its most grave responsibilities the least bit seriously. Instead, I have to reconcile myself to the sad fact that it’s primarily my nation’s government and institutions that have brought the species to the precipice of an Earthbound hell.)

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