I genuinely and sincerely celebrate with you the imminent departure of Donald Trump from the White House — even though he deported fewer immigrants and caged fewer children than his immediate predecessor… even though the holocaust of Middle Eastern Muslims largely stalled under his administration… even though he was the first president to begin rolling back The New Jim Crow (mass-incarceration laws) that Biden and the Clintons put on steroids back in the 1990’s.

But I definitely will be glad to see this patently irresponsible demagogue — and personally repugnant ignoramus — leave office.

For Trump pushed the New Cold War (birthed by deep state-aligned Democrats and the MSM) even further than Obama did, bringing U.S. aggression against Russia and China to new heights, bringing us ever closer to a third World War.

And he emboldened white-supremacists and right-wing hate groups even more than Obama did — by openly pandering to them, winking and nodding at their hate crimes and violence.

(Obama merely emboldened them by appeasing them, removing right-wing militias from the DHS watch list, militarizing the nation’s institutionally racist police, and wiping out the wealth of African-American households with his Wall Street-administered bailout, throwing millions into poverty.)

But there is something very healthy in the electorate removing Trump from office, and I am greatly, immeasurably relieved.

(Perhaps this means that neo-McCarthyite, rabidly warmongering “liberalism” can now recede.)


Please, I beg you, do what you said you would do: Hold Biden’s feet to the fire — with protests and public campaigns (and boycotts and more) as numerous and strong and as fiercely critical as those Pink-hatted protests in response to Trump’s election in 2016:

1) Demand a full-strength Green New Deal (or watch the biosphere collapse in the coming years);

2) Demand an end to permanent, global war, including diplomacy with our nation’s global rivals, including Russia, China, and Iran — rather than more saber-rattling and belligerence;

3) Demand a humane justice system, rather than “broken windows” and “stop & frisk” policing, where 90% of the people who are policed are black and Hispanic, where 90% of the people of color targeted by U.S. police are completely innocent of any crime (but their populations, disproportionately policed, are disproportionately incarcerated, ruining millions of lives);

4) Demand a humane foreign policy, rather than a cruel, tyrannical, and predatory one which seeks the violent removal of any government (no matter how benevolent or democratic) that doesn’t kowtow to Washington’s dictates — no more draconian sanctions that bring death and misery to millions of human beings (as in Iran, Venezuela, Syria, North Korea, and beyond);

5) Demand a humane border policy, rather than one predicated on child-cagings, mass-deportations, border walls, and turning away refugees by the millions (refugees mostly created by U.S. warmongering and hegemony); and

6) Demand free, fair, and transparent elections and a restoration of democracy in the U.S., replacing the undemocratic oligarchy described in a recent Princeton study and elections that Harvard and the University of Sydney deemed the most corrupt, hackable, and opaque in the Western world.

Please, please, please, consider holding Biden’s feet to the fire. Don’t do as you’ve done so frequently in the past. Don’t simply declare “Ding dong, the witch is dead!” and go back to sleep.

Don’t do what you did when Obama/Biden were in office, snoozing while Obama/Biden:

1) Increased domestic oil production like no administration in history;

2) Pushed fracking on the globe (a uniquely dangerous accelerator of climate change);

3) Opened the Arctic for drilling for the first time in history;

4) Went with an “all of the above” energy strategy that turned out to be a boon to the fossil-fuel industry;

5) Gutted the Paris Climate Accords, effectively vetoing legal CO2 limits and liability for polluters (making those Accords a toothless placebo that was bound to fail, and has failed);

6) Deported more immigrants than all 20th-century presidents combined and built cages for children separated from their parents and legal guardians;

7) Revived the wholly discredited GWOT, expanding it to seven nations, putting genocide on track in Yemen, and doing to Libya and Syria what Bush/Cheney had done to Iraq, resulting in the better part of a million deaths and over 11 million refugees;

8) Let Wall Street administer its own bailout, targeting African-Americans (wiping out the post-Civil Rights Era economic gains of black households), transferring upwards of $20 trillion to the industry whose rampant fraud collapsed our banking system and economy;

9) Militarized the police and put ICE on steroids, creating an American gestapo;

10) Used the Espionage Act more than twice as many times as all previous presidents combined to persecute adversarial journalists and honest government whistleblowers, putting a chill throughout all journalism;

11) Bequeathed to his successor a “dictator’s toolkit,” featuring domestic propaganda, the full-surveillance society, the end of Posse Comitatus, legalized torture, indefinite detention, and assassinations of anyone, including Americans uncharged with any crime — and their children; and

SO MUCH MORE (absolutely the most destructive presidency I’ve seen in my lifetime).

Next time, don’t just fight for Team Blue — the all-time champs of the far-right’s neo-fascist agenda.

Next time, stand on principle.

You won’t look nearly so hypocritical when the next Trump comes along.

(And if Biden governs like Obama did — of, by, and for the oligarchs and genocidal neocons — the “next Trump” will be coming sooner than you imagine… and he won’t be nearly as war-averse or “liberal” as Trump #1 was.)

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