From the article appearing in CommonDreams.org:

“National security adviser, John Bolton, echoed Rubio’s insistence that Guaido’s actions—supported by group of heavily armed soldiers—’is not a coup.’

“In response, Gerry Condon of Veterans for Peace wrote for Common Dreams, ‘And night is day… Pompeo and Bolton blame the Cubans and the Russians for supporting the democratically-elected president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro… They threaten the Russians with consequences, but they save their bitterest bile for the ‘Cuban thugs.’ Thugs? Who are the thugs? Who are the punks? Who are the bullies? Let me say their names again. Donald Trump. Mike Pence. John Bolton. Mike Pompeo. Elliott Abrams. Marco Rubio.’

“Following a day of chaos sparked by the Guaido-led ‘uprising’—which resulted in dozens of injuries and at least one death—Venezuela’s elected President Nicolas Maduro delivered a speech late Tuesday declaring victory over the ‘coup-mongering far right.’

“‘They failed in their plan. They failed in their call, because the people of Venezuela want peace,’ Maduro said.

“‘I truly believe… that the United States of America has never had a government as deranged as this one,’ Maduro added…”

*       *       *

Once again, Trump’s one value in the White House is that he handicaps the neo-fascist world order erected and normalized by the last several U.S. presidents: the ruthless, warmongering, genocidal, and omnicidal Corporatocracy: https://invitation2artivism.org/?p=2167

If the Democrats’ refusal to run an un-rigged primary means that we have only two choices for president — an incompetent, inept, overtly racist, neo-fascist Republican or a deftly competent, institutionally racist, neo-fascist Democrat who advances the far-right’s agenda beyond imagining — then we might as well have the incompetent twit.

(That said, my preference, by now, should be crystal clear: As novel a concept as it may be, I’d like a non-fascist president, like Bernie Sanders or Tulsi Gabbard promises to be. Like Dennis Kucinich promised to be… But our thoroughly corrupted system no longer allows for such leaders. The last such leaders we had were FDR and JFK — and how did that go? The deep state attempted to remove FDR in a military coup, which was unsuccessful, thank goodness. But they controlled his successors, Truman and Eisenhower, like obedient puppies. And when JFK came along and tried to restore democratic, humanistic, liberal values to the White House, he was summarily butchered. We haven’t had a democracy since, as anyone who’s been watching closely knows.)

I understand that it’s tough to wrap one’s mind around this perverse truth, but while neo-fascism has advanced most dramatically under smooth-talking, outwardly civilized Democrats, especially Clinton and Obama, the repugnant Mr. Trump has inadvertently helped the world resist fascism — because he takes the mask off what U.S. policy has been for decades.

And now Washington’s second coup against the Chavistas, sought by the last three presidents, has failed.


Will the blustering imbeciles in Trump’s administration make good on their threats to militarily invade Venezuela? I hope not. But if so, that military invasion will fail, just as Bush’s did in Iraq, just as President Obama’s (covert one) did in Syria. And the last smudges of lipstick on the PIG that is U.S. foreign policy will finally be off.

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