“Honest mistakes” that all work to erase votes for just one candidate — the candidate of women and people of color — are neither honest nor mistakes.

Here’s Krystal Ball from this morning’s “Rising” broadcast:

“Well, well, well, after all the counting and partial vote releases and manifest errors it looks just possible that Bernie Sanders may have won Iowa by every metric, after all.

“So, what the heck just happened here?

“First of all, yesterday it became clear that even the partial results that the Iowa Democratic Party’s been torturing us all with are NOT ACCURATE. Shortly after releasing one of their batches of results from the ether, the Iowa Democratic Party was confronted with multiple documented discrepancies between their ‘quality-controlled results’ and the reality of what actually happened at caucus sites across Iowa.

“Some of these errors were found by the activists who’d been in the room, and some were found by basically random people on Twitter who happened to notice problems. Even The New York Times’ Nate Cohn Tweeted this: ‘I have some questions about the reliability of these results.’ He went on to explain that it appeared that Sanders’ votes in Polk County had been given to Tom Steyer and Deval Patrick.

“Other people on Twitter pointed out additional errors, as well, a mismatch in one county between the results that the precinct had publicly reported and what the official tally said. It just so happened that mistake happened to hurt Sanders as well. Weird.

“A volunteer was outraged to find that one of the Sanders delegates he’d fought so hard for had been given to Elizabeth Warren.

“Rounding errors were identified that weirdly all seemed to overwhelmingly benefit Pete, and the one thing that every one of these errors had in common is they all went against Bernie.

“After getting called on all of this, the Iowa Democratic Party said there would be ‘a minor correction to the last batch of results.’

“So, to recap here, they put out wrong results which were only fixed because journalists and random people on Twitter happened to notice they were wrong. Really let that one sink in: TWITTER is doing a better and more accurate job of tabulating these results than the Democratic Party!

“What else might be wrong through incompetence, malice, or a combination of both? God only knows!

“But as if that’s not enough, after Pete claimed a fake victory thanks to the complicity of the Iowa Democratic Party and the media, it turns out that (surprise, surprise) they saved the best precincts for Bernie Sanders to be counted and included last. Because of course they did! I’m sure it was all just a coincidence, though, guys.”

[How gullible (or hostile to progressives) does one have to be to not smell the stench of election fraud in this farce? Is it time yet to invoke Putin? Ole’ Vladimir simply must be manipulating Sanders’ supporters into believing the “wacky conspiracy theory” that the DNC is rigging yet another primary. Why, the only people who claimed the 2016 primary was rigged were fringe cuckoos like Sen. Elizabeth Warren, DNC Chair Tom Perez, former DNC Chair Donna Brazile, Noam Chomsky… and millions of others who shall remain nameless, scorned, and invisiblized.]

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