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Giving up…

Great conversation with the love of my life, Jennifer Teguia, last night — totally done with activism, now that it’s clear that the right and “left” are interchangeable, identical, equally fascist. Enjoy your McCarthyism, you hate-filled dupes. Keep overlooking the genocide of Arab Muslims perpetrated by Bill Clinton, “Dubya,” and Barack Obama.

To date, George W. Bush is the all-time champ of OVERT fascism, but the false friend “Democrats” have proven positively deadly to the real left… and murderous to the unrepresented millions.

President Obama’s legacy is the death of the left, the ascension of Trump.

Chris Hedges is right.

Caitlin Johnstone is right.

Cornel West is right.

Glenn Greenwald is right.

Ray McGovern is right.

Katie Halper is right.

Glen Ford is right.

Tulsi Gabbard is right.

The corporatists and liars steering the masses toward World War III are not only wrong, they are evil.

(And I positively hate that fucking word.)

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