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High dudgeon (I just lost my shit ranting at The Young Turks and decided to post it on my blog anyway)

[The following rant was in response to this 5/10/16 segment from The Young Turks‘ occasionally excellent program, reporting Bernie Sanders’ 15-point win last night in West Virginia… and the utter hopelessness of his securing the nomination (the nomination he has in all probability already won, had anyone bothered to count the provisional and affidavit ballots). I’ll leave this boastful, wrathful mess exactly as it was originally posted on YouTube, sparing myself nothing. I guess this is what I’ve become.)

TYT is sounding more like Bill Maher every day: “Eat the chicken! Eat the chicken!” skipping right over the fact that the only reason “the math” is so daunting for Bernie is because the nomination is being stolen through fraud. If Cenk and Co. were for real they’d be investigating raw vote totals in Iowa, Chicago, Arizona, New York… To politely avoid mention of the elephant in the room — MASSIVE FRAUD determining the nominee of the “Democratic” Party — is to sanction the Wall Street/neocon coup that makes this country NOT America anymore. Fuck you, Cenk. You suck enormous amounts of ass. You couldn’t BEGIN to debate me, because I’ve got about a thousand more facts than you… and I’m not as full of shit as you (even now, in a state of high dudgeon). FULL RESPECT for all the times you’ve got it right in the past, folks, but right now you’re joining all the rest of the shitbags in the corporate media by simply reporting the “official” tally and neglecting to mention how many millions of Americans were disenfranchised to reach that “official” tally… which isn’t remotely supported by the EXIT POLLS (why aren’t you covering the hell out of that story?). But here’s TYT and the MSM: “Nothing to see here, nothing to see here. Looks like Clinton’s locked up the nomination, in all likelihood.” FUCK you straight to hell, Cenk Uygur and your dirty, appeasing crew. The oceans are signaling collapse, the bee population is winking out, and the Bill of Rights is in a thousand shreds. Literally millions of Muslims have been butchered by the West over the last three decades — WHERE ARE YOU???

(OK, you can go back to your “Two Minutes Hate” of Trump now… but why you’re sparing the “Democratic” neocon stealing the nomination — the warmonger who threatened to “OBLITERATE” Iran and has been in the vanguard of Washington’s genocidal program in the Middle East — is the question you should be asking yourselves.)

James O’Donnell III — Invitation2Artivism.com

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