Enact Universal Healthcare for California just NUKED ME for criticizing their group’s endorsement of Sen. Warren — which blatantly misrepresents her (ever-waffling) position on Medicare-for-All.

Here’s the comment that got me censored and prevented from even “Liking” their posts:

I find it hard to believe that Enact Universal Healthcare for California is defending this longtime establishment stalwart and enemy of single-payer healthcare.

There is simply no way that I can support EUHC when you’re promoting the self-serving lies of one of our movement’s most serious enemies.

From the excellent article by Jeremy Toback, originally published on Medium (that article blocked, apparently, by Facebook):

“Warren’s complete inconsistency on keystone structural reform like Medicare-for-All reveals the jive behind her recent zeitgeist calls for ‘big structural change.’ While Warren has at moments voiced support for M4A, most notably during the second Democratic debate, support and a commitment to win the legislative fight of our lifetime are not nearly the same thing. Warren not only conspicuously neglects M4A in her stump speeches, she still doesn’t have a healthcare section on her website… Six months into her campaign. **Read that again. Given the unprecedented scale of the opposition, Warren’s clear lack of commitment makes it certain that M4A would never happen under her presidency.

“It gets worse. Warren has on many occasions deliberately undermined the healthcare discourse: ‘When we talk about Medicare for All, there are a lot of different pathways. What we’re all looking for is the lowest cost way to make sure that everybody gets covered.’ This is a lie. M4A is existing legislation, with slightly different House and Senate versions, both of which feature specific, guaranteed paths to a single-payer, M4A system. M4A is not, as Warren claims, a ‘concept’ that people interpret in different ways. Nor does the legislation include any of the radically insufficient options she goes on to describe. Warren’s simply making things up to mask her inevitable retreat.

“She doubled down on this different-paths nonsense in the NY Times in June. Then, after she pivoted back to support during the second debate, she once again positioned M4A as a ‘goal’ at a subsequent campaign stop… And went into full equivocation mode in an interview with David Axelrod, where she talked about negotiating ‘the pieces to get there’ with ‘everyone at the table.’ Remember what I said about stakeholders and civil conversations? And now, while I’ve been typing, Warren just Tweeted about expanding ‘access’ to healthcare, which is blatant, ACA-era code for abandoning universal guarantees.

“Warren is a high-powered attorney trained to be specific in her speech. We can be certain that her pivots and obfuscations aren’t rhetorical errors. She leveraged the debate stage to signal support for M4A to a mass audience and has since used less publicized occasions to signal retreat to power donors and brokers. Warren’s blatant dishonesty not only confuses many into believing incorrectly that she supports M4A, it makes more work for those of us committed to winning it. She is in no uncertain terms an enemy of the movement for Medicare-for-All.”

I would add the following about Sen. Warren:

In 2016, she sabotaged Bernie Sanders — the candidate of Medicare-for-All — in order to support the historically racist, deeply corrupt, warmongering candidate of Wall Street and the MIC (Sec. Hillary “(Single-payer) Will Never, Ever Come to Pass” Clinton).

She’s voted for every record-breaking war budget passed during Trump’s time in office, giving a dangerous imbecile more money than he requested to wage war.

She’s sided with Trump on Venezuela sanctions (called a “crime against humanity” akin to a “medieval siege” by the U.N. Special Rapporteur on Human Rights).

She’s called Julian Assange a “bad actor” who “needs to be held accountable,” making her a threat to all independent, adversarial journalism.

She’s promoted charter schools and school privatization for decades and recently had a charter school proponent introduce her at a California rally.

She’s backpedaled on student loan forgiveness.

She’s refused to support a complete fracking ban (only on public lands), dooming the planet.

She’s taken millions of dollars from corporations, billionaires, and oligarchs, and pledged to take millions more in dark money, PAC money, all monies from all parties, in the general election.

She’s been working overtime to reassure Hillary Clinton and the far-right wing of the party (the Third Way Democrats who’ve endorsed her) that she will not challenge the system.

She failed to support the Standing Rock Sioux, even as she claimed to have Native American ancestry.

She’s promised to “greenwash” the neocons’ wars, not end them.

Her strongest base is affluent whites (71% of her support comes from them), while less than half of her supporters are women. Contrast this to Bernie Sanders’ supporters: Most are non-white; most are women; and his least favorable demographic is white, affluent males (Warren’s best demographic).

She admitted in 2017 that the 2016 Democratic Primary had been “rigged” (duh) and then backtracked immediately, when the party bosses told her to.

In short, as a “progressive” she is a total fraud and as a politician she is a profile in political cowardice, duplicity, and hypocrisy.

That this group — which I have previously supported (never again) — would endorse a lifelong enemy of the progressive movement is wholly discrediting to the leadership of Enact Universal Healthcare for California.

For goodness’ sake (literally), reexamine your position. You’re backing a neoliberal warmonger and obvious charlatan. Elizabeth Warren’s Bernie-sabotaging candidacy spells death for the left.

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