The New York Times recently reported on the DNC’s plans to disregard the winner of the popular vote at their convention this summer, even though, per the article: “Historically, superdelegates had always supported the candidate who won the most pledged delegates, which accrue from primary and caucus wins.”

But now that Bernie is clearly projected to win the most pledged delegates — democratically, by a large margin — history, precedent, and tradition are all being shit-canned.

“While there is no widespread public effort underway to undercut Mr. Sanders, arresting his rise has emerged as the dominant topic in many Democratic circles…. In recent weeks, Democrats have placed a steady stream of calls to Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio, who opted against running for president nearly a year ago, suggesting that he can emerge as a white knight nominee at a brokered convention…” (NYT)

Great! Now, they want Trump’s opponent in November to be SOMEONE NO ONE VOTED FOR in the primary! Someone who didn’t even run!

The Democratic establishment is obviously desperate to nominate anyone but Bernie. They want to nominate anyone except the projected winner of the popular vote — anyone but the candidate who consistently polls best against Donald Trump!

(Because defeating Trump, the most dangerous president in our lifetimes, is simply not a priority for them.)

Former adviser to President Obama, Bernie-hater Anton J. Gunn, has been explicit about the party’s aversion to democratic norms: “The public doesn’t really decide the nominee.”

(It’s like they didn’t spend the last three years bemoaning the fact that the winner of the popular vote lost the 2016 general election.)

Sadly, it seems that Sen. Warren agrees with the DNC and Mr. Gunn. Lately, Warren has been on the warpath against Sen. Sanders (again), disingenuously accusing him of endorsing the role of super-delegates at the convention — and changing his mind “just because he now thinks there’s an advantage to him…”

(That’s a pretty dishonest talking point, Senator.)

Warren is well aware that Bernie and progressives argued for the complete removal of super-delegates from this process. She knows full-well that Sanders argued for a more democratic convention, one not decided by un-elected lobbyists and party apparatchiks. She also knows that the party denied Bernie’s request, refusing to end the super-delegates’ democracy-nullifying role in their nominating process.

And contrary to her latest false talking point, Warren knows that Bernie nixed the idea of lobbying the super-delegates in 2016, choosing instead to release his pledged delegates and enthusiastically support the nomination of Sec. Clinton.

The Elizabeth Warren of old: “I don’t believe in superdelegates.” (Ah, but today she does!)

The Elizabeth Warren of old: “I don’t believe in super PACs.” (Ah, but today she does!)

The Elizabeth Warren of old: “What we have to focus on now as Democrats is, we recognize the process was rigged” — referring to the 2016 Democratic primary “won” by Sec. Clinton. (Later, she reversed her position, saying “the process was fair.”)

The Elizabeth Warren of old: “In most democracies around the world, the person who gets the most votes wins. How about we make America that kind of democracy?”

But the Elizabeth Warren of old has apparently been swallowed whole by some kind of ophidian creature. She “now thinks there’s an advantage” (for her) in opposing “that kind of democracy” (the kind where “the person who gets the most votes wins”).

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