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Yes on Prop. 10 (rent control) in CA!

No on Prop. 8 (reduces care for vulnerable patients) in CA!

Yes for Robert Daulton and Cullen Tiernan for Fremont City Council!

And so far as the U.S. Congress is concerned…

Unless you have an opportunity today to vote for Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, Sen. Bernie Sanders, Rep. Barbara Lee, or Rep. Nina Turner, you should seriously consider casting a vote to Make America GREEN Again!!!

Seeing as the U.S. Congress is probably headed for a split-decision (Rs keep the Senate, Ds take the House, after spending the last two years inadvertently helping Trump by attacking him from his right), you could actually vote for someone, for a change, instead of being cowed by neo-fascists into voting against the slightly more terrifying (to you) of two patently monstrous, equally racist, warmongering evils — both responsible for the deaths of millions of innocents (mostly Arab Muslims) and the collapse of the rule of law… and the collapse of the planet’s ecosystem, ongoing as I type these words.

Conversely, you could vote your corporation-programmed conscience (unfazed by genocide/mass-incarceration/ecocide) and keep evil riding high.

For instance, you could vote for California’s own RussiaGating neo-McCarthyist, Adam Schiff, the neocons’ best pal, or NRA-owned Trump-booster, Jon Tester, in Montana, or Claire McCaskill in Missouri, who supports Trump “100 percent” when it comes to migrant refugees and his immigration policies (and has helped confirm the vast majority of his judges)… and don’t worry, they’re all big fans of fracking!!

You could vote for any of the other “liberal” or “Christian” frauds who simply do whatever the Koch Brothers, Saim Haban, and the CIA tell them to do (aka “democracy”).

Only here’s a hint: You can’t repudiate fascism by voting for its most ardent proponents. Repudiating the modern KKK is a moral imperative… but joining the party dominated by modern Nazis — the neocons and our amoral, genocidal intelligence agencies — is not how we “defeat” the right.

It’s how we capitulate to the furthest right extremists in our polity after unilaterally disarming, trading in our minds and souls for a four-year chip of righteous-feeling, utterly impotent, completely hypocritical (for Democrats) Trump Hate… after cheating the real left in a rigged primary.

It’s called playing into the fascists’ hands.


ADDENDUM (1:23PM Daylight Savings Time)

The best, for me, would be if everyone voted third party, if there was a complete and total, 100% repudiation of both the KKK-right (the GOP), and the neocon/neo-McCarthyite-right (the Democrats), which has been pushing WWIII on a bunch of baseless propaganda since before Trump was even inaugurated.

But I understand that tribalized mainstream Americans aren’t quite ready to reject neo-fascism, that they are still capable ONLY of choosing between two equally racist, equally genocidal brands of evil: one subtly, institutionally racist, and far more effectively so (the Ds); and one overtly racist and obviously dangerous, which also happens to expose our far-right, white-supremacist, and ultimately despotic political establishment for what it is and long has been (the nakedly fascist Rs).

In other words, it’s the party of mass-incarceration on steroids, which also helped Wall Street illegally plunder the post-Civil Rights Era gains of African-American households in 2009-10 — and which spread the Terror War to seven nations (the Muslim-butchering Ds)… vs. the wretched, ignorant misogynists of the party of overt racism and unalloyed Christian Dominionism (the Muslim-butchering Rs)…

One party kills hundreds of thousands of innocents, and everyone is up in arms. The other party, so insidious, kills hundreds of thousands of innocents (teeing up millions), and everyone is SILENT AS THE GRAVE.

It’s fucking eerie. And there’s the real danger.

How either vote-suppressing, massively racist, environment cratering, utterly corrupt party EVER gets anyone’s vote is a mystery to sane, moral people the world over.

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