Yes, there is some overlap of the Trump/Bernie voter: two massive groups of Americans sick-to-tears of a government captured by oligarchs and run by venal, careerist bureaucrats who take their orders from modern fascists, the neocons and MIC, responsible for the deaths of millions of human beings during the Clinton, Bush, and Obama administrations.

(Their victims are Arab-Muslim civilians, predominately, amounting to a modern holocaust — like the previous holocaust, which targeted millions of Jews, Russians, and Slavic peoples, this Arab/Muslim-slaughtering genocide must not be mentioned while it’s ongoing. Mentioning the serially genocidal conduct of our nation is strictly verboten. There’s a reason we’re all talking about a nonsensical and doomed impeachment proceeding, rather than the millions of people being starved to death and deprived of medicine and potable water in Yemen and Palestine, thanks to U.S. foreign policy and the bipartisan consensus.)

Save for the most brainwashed partisan tribalists, the American people have realized that the duopoly of the 1% doesn’t remotely represent the rest of us, the 99%. Republicans and Democrats are partners, ensuring that the left will be forever marginalized and suppressed. That’s the reality, not the dog and pony show going on in the House of Representatives.

Americans comprehend that the corporate media only reports news from the billionaires’ perspective, blacking out most climate change developments, erasing the victims of our illegal wars, and smearing/disappearing any politician who promises to reverse the country’s suicidal/omnicidal course.

It’s not exactly “Fake News,” as Trump alleges; it is heavily censored “news” slanted to promote the agenda of the corporate class and the narrow, self-serving interests of the oligarchy.

And we’re sick of it!

Partisan “news” intended to Divide & Conquer the country while sewing despair, paving the way for more and worse fascists than Donald Trump (people like George W. Bush, for instance, who stole not one, but two elections, shredded the Constitution, and killed over a million people in Iraq alone, just as his predecessor, Bill Clinton, had done with his draconian sanctions regime).

The American people are desperate for authentic, morally decent, and sincere politicians, like Bernie Sanders — and ready for progressive/moral values and policies, including single-payer healthcare, transitioning to sustainable energy, a livable minimum wage, honest and transparent elections, the end of the Prison-Industrial-Complex, the end of cruel U.S.-Mexico border policies, and an end to the neocons’ genocidal march across the Middle East.

But it’s already been demonstrated, in 2016, that millions of these desperate and serially betrayed folks will settle for a shameless con artist who merely postures himself as “anti-establishment.”

That mustn’t happen again.

(2020 is probably our last chance to turn this mess around.)

It’s time to end the con and elect one of the few politicians in the country who actually works for us, and always has: Bernie Sanders. It’s time for Democrats to run an honest primary, for a change… or get used to the idea of four more years of “President Trump.”

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