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Last call, friends…

If we don’t come at the Democratic establishment right now like a horde of rabid Tea Party piranhas, demanding an independent audit of the 2016 “Democratic” primary (performed 100% transparently by a blue-ribbon, internationally-composed panel — with proportionate representation determined by population, including all nations — overseen by Pope Francis, Bishop Tutu, Glenn Greenwald, Amy Goodman, Randall Robinson, Mahmood Mamdani, Naomi Klein, and Noam Fucking Chomsky!) we will be in the wilderness for a very long time. We need to come at these Deep State/Wall Street-conjoined frauds — and I mean HARD — for conducting a biased farce of a primary, wherein millions of voters were systemically disenfranchised, and one corrupt official after another was scandalized and fired. Letting a rigged primary stand sends an unambiguous signal to independents and conservatives that we, on the left, don’t actually give a damn about the integrity of elections in America. And if we’re talking about the DNC, President Obama, Secretary Clinton, and the “New” Democratic Party, the record is clear: they don’t. They unequivocally do not actually give a damn about the integrity of elections in America… or Honduras, Egypt, Brazil, Haiti, Ukraine, Syria, Palestine, Venezuela, Greece… anywhere, really. But if we let them get away with this, they are going to shit on us and shit on us, and end up cutting so many fucked up deals with Pres. Trump that you will lose all faith in humanity… But way too late. NOW is the time to bare our Tea Party fangs — or remain toothless forever. Your indifference to such matters is what’s putting the future in doubt… and all of us (and our most vulnerable friends) at risk.

STEP ONE: Change your voter registration from Democrat to whatever and then write the DNC a handwritten letter telling them why you did so, and that our presidential hopefuls for 2020 are Bernie Sanders, Tulsi Gabbard, and Kshama Sawant… unless they want to draft Amy Goodman... Here is their mailing address:

Democratic National Committee
430 S. Capitol St. SE
Washington, DC 20003

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