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Martin Niemöller’s wisdom, revised for the modern holocaust, birthed in America (the one that promises to claim the world)

First they came for the Native Americans, and virtually wiped them out. Then they came for the African-Americans… and they’ve never stopped coming for them, caging them and forcing them to work for nothing (only today it’s called “mass incarceration” and it’s the Democrats who ushered in that unprecedented modern practice — and never looked back). Then they came for the communists, socialists, and leftist artists and intellectuals (they called it the “Red Scare” and McCarthyism — which almost faded away, before the Clinton 2016 campaign and modern Democrats revived it, angling for political advantage at home and World War III abroad). Then they came for the last few liberal activists capable of organizing a movement, and they crushed that movement with mercenaries, militarized-police brutality, and violence against journalists and peaceful protesters alike — and that was the end of Occupy Wall Street, thanks to President Obama and the newly pacified “left,” which didn’t make a peep in protest. Then they came for Democracy itself, stealing the 2000 and 2004 elections for George W. Bush and the 2016 Democratic Primary for Hillary Clinton (who has also vociferously advocated in favor of that “Wall” we dishonestly associate with Trump and Trump alone). Then, the last three presidents came for what was left of our laws, diverse media, and the middle class… and today there simply aren’t any democratic institutions left (only the illusion of them, thanks to slick corporate media — which replaced the free press, after Bill Clinton signed the 1996 Telecom Act and after President Obama made it the new normal to hunt honest whistleblowers and actual journalists like “enemies of the state”). And today, they’re coming for the last resources of a dying planet, happily profiteering off of genocidal wars — mostly against Muslims — and crushing anyone, anywhere, who makes the slightest feint toward democracy or humanitarianism. Because that’s what happens after the institutional left folds tents and joins Them (which is, after all, what the last 30 years in American politics has been all about… which is why the planet is fucked, along with 99% of humanity).

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