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My most recent comment blocked by The New York Times…

How’s this for an outrageous sounding non-whopper: BOTH Romney AND Obama are empty suits who believe virtually nothing they say and will vigorously defend the existing U.S. oligarchy with any and all powers we grant them — and many that we don’t.

After three years of Obama fulfilling the wildest dreams of Dick Cheney, the Heritage Foundation, and Grover Norquist while cementing the most radical aspects of GWB’s assault on our Constitution, I’m as disgusted with the nominal left as I am with alleged conservatives (whose appetite for red-meat soundbites has reduced them to a pack of animals, incapable of reason — Trump’s birtherism? Bachmann’s recklessness? Perry’s incoherence? Cain’s inanity? And now, Gingrich, an egomaniac who’s foibles and slipshod ethics are the quintessence of what’s wrong with Washington?) Conservatives, like progressives, have revealed themselves to be utterly without principles.

Obama had the best chance in generations to turn America around — and an overwhelming mandate to do exactly that. Instead, with huge majorities in Congress, he OPTED to continue the Reagan revolution and put the final nails in the coffin of democracy, the rule of law, and the middle class.

The biggest fallacy of this presidency is that Obama faced too many obstacles to accomplish his great progressive agenda. Nonsense! From the start, Obama has demonstrated a willingness to fight ONLY the people who broke their backs to elect him.

UPDATE: Mea culpa, the NYT eventually posted my comment — they just sat on it for over THIRTEEN hours first, before throwing it at the bottom of the heap.

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