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“Information is the currency of democracy” — Thomas Jefferson

First they came for WikiLeaks, Pt. 2 — KEY FACTS (this one’s for the lovely Jennifer Teguia, my incredibly awesome wife…) RULE of LAW is eroding fast in the Bush-Obama period.  Consider it a civilizational marker (a key point in the history of Western culture) that, following a “Republican” president’s assertion of his legal right to TORTURE (earning the harsh… Read More »“Information is the currency of democracy” — Thomas Jefferson

Invitation accepted…

As the tax cut compromise oozes toward committee and the desk of The Great Capitulator, the world — beyond regressive, budget-busting, Social Security-diminishing tax policy — goes on.  Fellow activist and blogger, Nick Wilczynski, and I have kept up our conversation since it began at the “Rally to Restore Peace/Sanity,” and he has recently shared some of his thoughts with me, regarding the COST of the recent… Read More »Invitation accepted…

Kudos to The Daily Show’s “The First War on Christmas”

This is some of the Daily Show’s best work in years.  Juxtaposing the old-fashioned Christmas classics (with their kind-hearted Christian values) with the FOX News incitements to angry, paranoid victimhood (twisting 21st-Century sensitivity to one’s neighbors into a “War on Christmas”) speaks volumes about what has happened to religious tolerance in America. CUE UP at 5min,28second mark for just the short; or the 1min,36second mark for the full lead-in, featuring FOX… Read More »Kudos to The Daily Show’s “The First War on Christmas”

Just a bulletin…

Right now, I’m devoting a lot of time to one of my projects, writing and illustrating a condensed version of John Perkins’ Confessions of an Economic Hit Man.  IN THE NEWS:  * Wikileaks is under attack for exposing the habitual dishonesty of our government’s official statements (as well as the routine criminality of our government’s actions); I believe that Wikileaks is… Read More »Just a bulletin…


WE SHOULD: 1) Work to end the divisions that are weakening America; and 2) Defeat the Establishment’s efforts to doom the Left to irrelevance, by challenging Obama NOW (let the president know that he can not take us for granted, pursuing a Bush-Lite agenda and doing his utmost to protect the same power elites that control the Republican leadership). 1)… Read More »HOW PROGRESSIVES SHOULD RESPOND TO THE MIDTERM ELECTION RESULT:

UPC to Debut in DC

I’m currently in Washington, DC.  The Unknown Presidential Candidate (UPC) is poised to make his/her debut Saturday at the Rally for Sanity and/or Fear.  Video and photos soon to come!