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Nicaragua today…

Thank you, Max Blumenthal and “Moderate Rebels” for this:


This segment is good journalism exemplified. It informs us about the current political situation in Nicaragua and acknowledges our government’s continuing efforts to subvert the popular will of the Nicaraguan people. It offers a historical view and gives a sense of how this history has been experienced by Nicaraguans. It elucidates the political players involved, including the Catholic Church and other elites.

Washington’s internationally condemned aggression against Nicaragua didn’t end in the 1980s, with the mining of Nicaragua’s coastal waters and the Iran-Contra affair. And it didn’t end with Washington’s support for the dictatorship of Anastasio “Tachito” Somoza, either.

The deep state’s covert war against Nicaragua was prohibited by the U.S. Congress (official Washington) with the Boland Amendment, and later censured by the World Court: https://www.upi.com/…/World-court-rules-agai…/7873453009600/

But no one ever was brought to justice for those crimes. And the victims are rarely acknowledged.

Unfortunately, with Facebook now coordinating with the notorious IRI and NED (the coup-mongering, Color “Revolution” plotting, International Republican Institute and National Endowment for Democracy), this brand of respectable journalism, Moderate Rebels, is apt to be labeled “Fake” news and algorithm’d to the bottom of your newsfeed:


(…relegated to the status of “Fake News”)

How discombobulated the Fourth Estate has become!

How very much power the billionaires have acquired!

Rupert Murdoch (right-wing lunatic), Jeff Bezos (with his $600 million CIA contract), and Mark Zuckerberg (classic sociopath in the Trump mold) control practically all that any American ever sees, media-wise. These THREE men provide the filter for the vast majority of Americans as they try to understand the world and current events.

Thanks to these three individuals, most Americans will never begin to recognize our government’s millions of victims… in Nicaragua, Brazil, Syria, Yemen, Ukraine, Palestine, Libya, Iraq, Iran, Somalia, Guatemala, Uruguay, Chile, Paraguay, Bolivia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Haiti, Congo, Venezuela, Indonesia, the Philippines, Uganda, Bahrain, Georgia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Morocco, Egypt…

Thanks, disproportionately, to these three men, democracy truly dies in darkness.

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