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“On Russia, Trump is a CODE PINK Republican” (Bloomberg)

Jaw dropping: This jingoistic Bloomberg article (linked to photo above) tries to smear Donald Trump by comparing him to CODE PINK — an outstanding peace organization which the “rah-rah” author, Mr. Lake, denigrates and mocks. Even worse, the article recklessly (if predictably) celebrates the few modest concessions Trump has made to the warmongering DC establishment. (Liberals and moderates say they fear Trump’s warlike tendencies, and then condemn him for being “Putin’s puppet” over a bunch of anonymous CIA/DNC claptrap while pushing our unstable new president to get on the WWIII bandwagon! Because more and greater wars will surely bring out the best in President Trump??! Sorry to sound like a broken record, but this evidence-free anti-Russia campaign is the height of self-harming, values-inverting stupidity from self-identified “liberals and moderates.”)

As most Americans have been operating in a vacuum of information — or, more accurately, drowning in a sea of propaganda — with respect to recent U.S.-Russian history, Bloomberg apparently feels free to peddle great gobs of anti-Russia hogwash. How many outright lies are in this trash? I lost count. Under George W. Bush, the expulsion from our corporate media of nonpartisan experts — in all fields — accelerated dramatically, which was considered alarming at the time, but in recent years the absence of experts in American “news” has become the new normal. (Consumers just can’t get enough of Bill Kristol, Judith Miller, James Clapper, and Lindsay Graham!)

For those with open minds, willing to consider the record, I highly recommend the excellent work of Stephen F. Cohen… and I advise that you read Bloomberg and the rest of the corporate media’s similar “reporting” as if you’re holding a copy of The Onion.

It’s getting increasingly difficult to find any objective, rational, informed human beings in today’s America, but here’s one of them, Stephen F. Cohen, America’s preeminent Russia expert (and therefore persona non grata in U.S. “mainstream” news), subjecting himself to a tough interview, where his facts are routinely challenged. If you’re unfamiliar with his written work, I suggest you acquaint yourself with Mr. Cohen today: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zdCcR8pEm3g

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