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Piss-poor “#Resistance” — Part I: The Pee Tape that “wasn’t” responsible for an investigation being launched… until the Horowitz Report revealed that it was.

[To reassure you that I’m not being extra-gratuitously crude, here are a few words from Wikipedia about a bit of jargon I use a couple of times in the following diatribe: “Ratfucking is an American slang term for political sabotage or dirty tricks. It was brought to public attention by Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein in their non-fiction book All the President’s Men (1974).”]


It’s a tragedy and a disgrace. The slowest burn I’ve ever seen.


Over the last three years, I’ve watched the center-left, mainstream media, and virtually the entire U.S. political establishment slowly fashion a noose, attach it to the ceiling, position a rickety stool, stand up on that stool, loop the noose around their collective necks, and start doing the Hokey Pokey — all while screeching, “Die, Trump, die!!!”


(They put their right leg in, they put their left-wing out, they put their right fist in, and they shake it all about… They do the Hokey Pokey and surrender to the right. That’s what it’s all about.)


From November 2016 to the present, the “#Resistance” to Donald Trump has bet everything — all future credibility — on an alleged “pee tape” contrived by a notoriously dodgy hireling of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 political campaign and the Democratic National Committee (DNC).


The truth is there never would have been an investigation of Trump-Russia, at all, if a few FBI partisans hadn’t presented as legitimate intelligence the ratfucking malarkey created by a retired foreign spy hired by the Clinton people. This report-embellishing minion relied heavily on official Russian sources that he now says may have been spreading “disinformation” through him (that’s right: as has been verified several times over and reported in The New York Times, it was the Clinton campaign that relied on Russian sources and may have been spreading Russian disinformation).


Look it up.




And bear in mind that the Clintons run their campaigns just like the Bushes do, banking heavily on ratfucking lies, malicious/racist smears, fabricated misogynist narratives, and demagoguery — even when the target of their character-assassination onslaught is fellow Democrat, Barack Obama, or lifelong progressive and civil rights champion, Bernie Sanders.


Like George W. Bush and Karl Rove, when it comes to politics, the Clintons have no scruples whatsoever.


And now, following the Mueller Report (obliterating Russiagate’s central claims) and the Horowitz Report (documenting years of FBI lies and misdeeds to propagate the Russiagate fiction, spy on the newly-elected president, and launch the Mueller probe), there is no longer any doubt about the ignominious origins of Russiagate.


It’s a scam, and has been from the start.


Trump is corrupt, sleazy, dangerous, deeply offensive, morally reprehensible, and guilty of a great many things (Emoluments Clause, anyone?), but it turns out he never colluded with the Russians to win the 2016 election.


As the Mueller Report explains, the Russians didn’t have a single contact with the Trump campaign, no number to call or e-mail to reach out to him after he’d won the election.


Funnier yet, by all accounts, Trump barely made an effort to win the 2016 election. He had so little belief that he could possibly win that he didn’t even draft a victory speech… just as Sec. Clinton never drafted a concession speech. As was the case in the rigged Democratic Primary, the fix was in; she couldn’t lose.


Except she did. (Thanks, Electoral College!)


The result of all this skulduggery:


Over the last three years, Democrats and the establishment have been literally (OK, figuratively) pissing away their opportunities on Russiagate — leading, ultimately, to a bogus impeachment proceeding so narrowly focused and hypocritical that it is bound to fail.


As poll after poll shows, Russiagate and Ukrainegate have only improved Trump’s chances of reelection, while dividing the country, fracturing the left, and putting the neocon agenda on steroids.


What a waste!


It would have been far easier to oppose Donald Trump on principle.


Considering Trump’s treaty-shredding bellicosity toward Russia and Iran — and considering the way he’s ignored/contributed to genocide in Yemen and the unfolding climate catastrophe — it would have been a slam dunk to challenge him from the left …rather than from the far-right, with neo-McCarthyite fabrications.


Defeating Trump, politically, should have been a walk in the park, a doddle, a breeze — but to actually challenge Trump, the Democrats would have to champion a liberal agenda, rather than a neoconservative one… and that was simply never going to happen.


Democrats and the U.S. political-media establishment decided to attack Trump with a rabidly nationalistic and xenophobic fictional narrative that has blown up in their faces, enormously benefited Trump, politically, devastated the reputation of the media, and significantly increased the chances of a third world war.


This is somewhere between political malpractice of the highest order and a complete dereliction of duty, as treasonous as anything Trump has allegedly done.


And that is both a tragedy and a disgrace.

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