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“Please USA save us from Russia!”

Thank you, Washington Post, for what might turn out to be the most incredible RussiaGate story of all!

Like the Steele Dossier* with its “pee pee” tales and the (far more credible) hush-money-for-sex reports, this scoop has salacious details — which should make it a big hit.

However, being a RussiaGate story, it also features the words “no evidence.” (That phrase, in such articles, means that institutions like WaPo and the NYT — despite all appearances — still remember what “journalistic integrity” means… and I confess I find that a tiny bit reassuring.)

But now that “Nastya” has been arrested for using the nation of Thailand to host “sex seminars for… tourists,” you’ve got to love her Hail Mary entreaties to “U.S. intelligence agencies” and NBC.

And her desperate plea: “Please USA save us from Russia!” (We can talk about evidence later, just get me out of jail!)

They say “Democracy dies in darkness” — that’s WaPo’s slogan, anyway. (I like it: sunlight is the best disinfectant.)

But democracy, it seems, also fares poorly under circus-like conditions that put Vegas to shame for frivolous garishness.

As entertaining as it may be, this report is just another example of tabloid journalism serving the neocon/WWIII-courting agenda; one more iteration of the establishment lowering its traditional standards in order to herd Donald Trump further into the neocons’ warmongering camp.

And to bamboozle the populace by demonizing one of America’s primary geopolitical rivals… even though that rival has been far more responsible than our nation — and immensely less destructive — over the past few decades.

It’s dangerous what we’re mistaking for “news” these days. And that most people don’t see the neo-fascist agenda that’s pervaded our institutions.

Yet here we are.

* linked to the Russian and British governments as well as the 2016 presidential campaign of Jeb Bush (who bequeathed it to HRC’s campaign following his defeat in the GOP primary)

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