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Regarding the carnage in Syria…

From the article appearing at the ever-reliable ConsortiumNews.com:

“I harbor no illusions about the (Syrian) regime’s motives, and I can only imagine the anguish of those living under daily bombardment, trying to care for the wounded while wondering if and when they will join the many who have already died.

“But the recent situation in Eastern Ghouta is unfortunately not as unique as recent media accounts suggest. Just last month, the respected, independent monitoring group Airwars reminded us that U.S.-led Coalition air strikes on the Syrian city of Raqqa created many more victims with the same destructive tactics of ‘siege, bomb and evacuate.’

“In just one incident in March 2017, Coalition bombers killed as many as 400 civilians at a school near Raqqa, where hundreds of women and children were taking shelter from the war.”

*     *     *

As the article notes, per the BBC, the same U.S.-led Coalition that laid Raqqa to waste also made a secret deal with ISIS to allow hundreds of ISIS fighters to slip quietly away from the devastated city. Because this war has always been about regime-change-from-without, and radical Salafist terrorists have been Washington’s chief proxies on the ground since Day 1.

There’s a reason that most Syrians have rallied around their frequently brutal government: Damascus has been defending them from foreign imperialists and the likes of al Qaeda (THE factions who have repeatedly used chemical weapons against civilians in this conflict).

And that is why the rest of the world cannot take us seriously when we profess to care about human rights or civilian casualties in war.

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