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Revisiting the .1%’s bait and switch — Romney or Obama, it’s time for austerity and union-busting!

[The following comment was originally authored in response to a HuffingtonPost article about California’s Proposition 32, the Koch-funded proposition that masquerades as an initiative to get “special interest” money out of politics but is actually about crushing unions — decimating organized labor’s ability to raise funds while leaving unscathed the electioneering activities of corporations.]

What’s the matter with Kansas, indeed! I’m truly astonished at the gullibility of the American electorate: The .1% has completely corrupted our government and taken $16 TRILLION out of our pockets (per GAO’s audit of the Fed) and now they’ve got us arguing about unions and the “need” to slash entitlements!

WAKE UP, PEOPLE!!! Over the last decade, Wall Street criminals trashed our 401ks and bilked American polities and pension funds alike. Any honest examination of the 2008 collapse reveals FRAUD on a massive and systemic scale. Wall St. crooks created the fiscal mess that’s crippled governments across America — and now they’ve shifted the conversation to austerity and unions!

It’s a classic bait and switch, but HOW STUPID DO THEY THINK WE ARE? (They’re betting on VERY, and so far that’s paid off handsomely.)

The .1% have terminated the Bill of Rights — with habeas corpus GONE — and now they’re coming for what’s left of Americans’ ability to organize against a management class obsessed with achieving global slave/prison/sweatshop-labor costs (Foxconn/Wal-Mart style) — an obsession that explains why our middle class, like our infrastructure, is crumbling…

Meanwhile we’re hopelessly divided, mostly engaging in the fact-free arguments the .1% have spoon-fed us, populated by phantom “socialists” and an imaginary “Constitutionalist.” If we had any brains or gumption, NOT ONE Republican or Democrat would be elected/reelected; both parties have demonstrated beyond doubt that they work exclusively for those trying to break and enslave us.

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