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Russiagate defined.

Russiagate = supporting the neo-fascists behind the genocide of millions of predominantly Arab-Muslim civilians (under Trump’s three predecessors alone: 1+ million under Clinton, 1+ million under Bush, 500,000+ under Obama) in order to convey to one’s bourgeois peers one’s purely symbolic condemnation of racism.

Mathematically expressed: Russiagate = omnicidal fascism + a facade of “liberalism” (protecting the mind-bogglingly amoral, despotic, and destructive agenda of the (patriarchal/white supremacist/Christian Dominionist) American oligarchy that’s spent the last six decades eradicating the rule of law, normalizing global war, and initiating the collapse of the planet’s ecosystem, ushering in the Earth’s Sixth Mass-Extinction event).

Note: The ability to believe and become passionate about Russiagate’s central claims — and to characterize Trump as some kind of an anomaly in U.S. politics — is predicated on one’s near-total ignorance of decades of astonishingly destructive U.S. policies… and politicians, many of whom have been far more effectively (and overtly) racist — and considerably more destructive — than Donald Trump has been, to date, deplorable demagogue that he is.

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