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So, Elizabeth Warren is trashing Bernie Sanders based on a Politico story which has as its source “a person close to Sanders’ campaign.”

An anonymous source speculates that “if” the Sanders campaign is finally willing to discuss Sen. Warren’s considerable weaknesses and lack of broad support, “(Sanders) is aware.”

(All progressives have been saying — with no directives from the Sanders campaign, to my knowledge — is that Elizabeth Warren hasn’t built much of a coalition beyond affluent whites and the “Blue No Matter Who” crowd.)

Sen. Warren, these are not personal attacks, but enumerations of your potential weaknesses as a presidential candidate in a general election, as someone with little appeal to independents, crossover voters, the working class, the military, and people of color.

(Meanwhile, Bernie’s campaign excites the base, breaks fundraising records without PACs or megadonors, brings new people into the party, including millions of under-40 voters, and he’s the number one choice of women, people of color, Wal-Mart workers, Amazon employees, Starbucks workers, teachers, and people serving in the military — making Bernie Sanders the one true threat to Trump’s reelection.)

Even if it’s true that Sen. Sanders gave the “green light” for his supporters to mention Warren’s narrow band of support — as the data reveals (over 70% of Warren’s supporters are white, and the majority are affluent white men) — how is that a personal attack?

And don’t you think Sen. Warren should have asked her friend Bernie, personally, about this allegation, before going to the press with these ugly attacks on his character?

No. Screwing over her friend and ally, Warren simply assumes the allegations are true, and goes on the attack, trashing Bernie, saying: “we cannot nominate” him, and that he “takes big chunks of the Democratic Coalition for granted.”

Bernie’s good “friend” then implies that he won’t “bring the party together” and won’t “excite every part of the Democratic Party,” that he won’t “be there” for Democrats, and that many simply can’t “believe in” him.

(He won’t “be there” for Democrats??? Really, Sen. Warren? After the millions of dollars he’s raised for down-ballot Democrats??? After he refused to challenge the rigged 2016 primary and campaigned across the country for Sec. Clinton??? After 88% of his supporters held their noses and voted for Clinton in order to defeat Trump???)

Some friend!

An anonymous source — reported uncritically by a right-wing rag — and that’s enough for Warren to go for the jugular.

What else should we expect from the candidate who has spent the last two consecutive presidential election cycles sabotaging the liberal revolution on behalf of party elites? Once again, Warren is showing her true, Clintonian colors — always there for party elites, always willing to undermine the left.

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