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Succinct and incisive: “American Extremists”

Today I thought I’d feature a few more examples of an excellent cartoon series I’ve discovered called “American Extremists”.  I’ve created a little panel featuring some of my favorites from recent weeks (see below), which I hope you will enjoy as I do (though I admit these cartoons sometimes make me lament the sometimes unwieldy complexity and busyness of my own efforts in the realm of political cartooning).

I also want to take advantage of this opportunity to clarify that Vast Left’s blog actually invites visitors to put these (“American Extremists”) cartoons up on their own websites — as I’ve done twice now — as long as they link back to their site (which I’ve done).  I’d also like to invite my readers to do the same with my political cartoons (the cartoons only, please, and not the other artwork) and please give attribution and link back to this site if you opt to borrow my cartoons for your website.

And now for some keen cartoons!

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