Thanks to the caprices of Autoplay and YouTube (which has NOT been paying attention, apparently, to my likes and dislikes), I’ve just been given my first dose of the U.K.’s anti-Islam phenom, Tommy Robinson (pseudonym of Stephen Lennon/Yaxley, aka Andrew McMaster, aka Paul Harris).

Shock of shocks, I did not like what I heard, so I gave his video a “Thumbs Down” and posted the following comment for the benefit of Tommy’s White-Christian supremacist followers…



I agree with Tommy Robinson on precisely one count: he has the right to express his views, no matter how repugnant.


All “liberal” establishment folderol and hypocrisy aside, such a “principled stand” (cough) puts this power-kowtowing “rebel” in perfect, subservient lockstep with generations of Western governments who have enslaved Islam under brutal despots and supported one genocidal campaign after another perpetrated against predominantly Arab Muslims in the Middle East and Africa.

The White-Christian West created al Qaeda and supports it to this day — and worse, including neo-Nazis in Ukraine and the modern terrorist apartheid-state that Israel has become. But al Qaeda doesn’t represent Islam any more than Netanyahu’s Israel represents Judaism. Both entities are far more representative of the CIA and other regime-toppling, election-rigging world-shapers in the West.

So who is Robinson defying? No one in power. He’s a minion, pretending to be a leader, spouting the allegedly controversial notion that it’s COOL to be an anti-Semite of the Islamophobic variety.

(What a poltroon!)

A little history lesson*, for those unfamiliar with the modern leadership of the West: Allen Dulles and a horde of Nazi-loving Wall Street titans and plutocrats — oligarchs on both sides of the Atlantic — resolved WWII by subverting FDR and rescuing thousands of Nazis (and their militarized corporatism), as well as most of their fascist agenda, at home and abroad. These racist mass-murderers hijacked U.S. foreign policy, defying president after president, empowering Nazis, launching the Cold War (continuing the war against Russia), dividing and conquering people along racial/sectarian/class lines, and all but extinguishing democracy in the United States (despite a few hiccups of decency and justice, like the passage of the Civil Rights Act and Voting Rights Act — the results of irresistible popular, organized resistance, back when there was some semblance of a free press in America).

The sad truth is that the ideological heirs of the Nazis run the U.S. (and the U.K., EU, the West) and appear to have dropped all pretense of liberal democratic principles in the wake of the terror attacks of 9/11. As Dick Cheney infamously said, the gloves have come off (and now, after the “forward looking” Obama, so too has the Rule of Law mask). And with Trump, the Liberal Humanist farce is over, too.

UNMASKED! Today, most of humanity sees the West for the torturing, corrupt neo-fascism our governments have birthed and normalized… along with unleashing the ecological calamity that’s upon us, threatening our planet’s future.

Don’t tell Mr. Robinson, but MUSLIMS have been chief among the tens of millions of victims of this (unofficial) Fourth Reich. Muslim lives have been snuffed out by the terrifyingly powerful, Nazi-loving factions (led for decades by Dulles and Hoover) which are almost certainly responsible, also, for the assassination of JFK… and for finishing off what was left of our occasionally democratic constitutional republic.

Mr. Robinson effectively works for the Islam-demonizing establishment he pretends to rebel against. He is not merely a fraud preaching dangerous, ignorance-fueled hate — he is also a weak-minded fool, too self-worshiping and shallow to consider his role in the greater scheme of things: HELPING TO DIVIDE AND CONQUER HUMANITY SO THE POWERFUL CAN REAP THE SPOILS.

And his followers are the worst kind of sheep. They follow the witless follower. They condemn billions out of hand because doing so is easier than reading an objective, well-researched, widely acclaimed book on Islam (say, Mahmood Mamdani’s “Good Muslim, Bad Muslim”) — or interacting, heaven forbid, with one of “them.”


* History lesson sources: “The Devil’s Chessboard” by David Talbot; “The Nazis Next Door” by Eric Lichtblau; “America’s Nazi Secret” by John Loftus; and “The Family” by Jeff Sharlet

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