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The catharsis we’ve been waiting for (next stop, UNITY!)…

UPDATED 9/27/17

First they told us that unity is absolutely critical in the age of Trump, so we must never question our corrupt, incompetent, neo-McCarthyite leaders.

Then they plunged a series of poisoned daggers into the heart of the base — and the future of the Democratic Party, if polls and demographics mean anything.

When they said “unity,” it’s clear they meant silence and unquestioning subservience to authority. And even though most of the left acquiesced and submitted — including the vast majority of Bernie-crats (88% of whom* voted for Sec. Clinton on Election Day, even after the rigged primary) — the establishment kept kicking the progressive base in the ribs, administering one bone-crushing blow after another.

And continues doing so to this day.

Funny that. It’s almost as if the Democratic establishment exists only to crush the left.


*(versus just 75% of Clinton’s primary voters voting Democratic in 2008’s GE; because 25% of Hillary’s “PUMAs” actually voted for John McCain and Sarah Palin over Barack Obama in 2008 — back when PUMA meant “Party Unity My Ass!”)

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