Bush-Obama’s methane legacy — “Freedom Gaschoking the biosphere

From the article:

“Between 2005 and 2015, fracking went from producing 31 billion cubic meters of shale gas per year to producing 435 billion cubic meters.

“Nearly 90 percent of that fracking took place in the U.S., while about 10 percent was done in Canada.”

Like domestic oil production, hydraulic fracturing exploded under President Obama — spearheaded by Sec. Clinton’s efforts to spread this uniquely destructive fossil-fuel to the rest of the world: https://www.theguardian.com/…/how-hillary-clintons-state-de…

But no one should have any illusions that Donald Trump is any better than Obama on this front. As with so many policies, Trump has picked up right where Obama left off: https://invitation2artivism.org/?p=3489

“Freedom Gas” or “bridge fuel” — either way, the duopoly works only for the omnicidal oligarchy that’s overthrown our democracy.

As citizens of the world and members of the human race, we are morally obligated to resist the destruction of our planet’s biosphere. It’s up to us to reform our governments, holding all politicians accountable (not just the personally ugly, less educated ones) — either that, or quit pretending to have any morally-grounded, reality-based objections to the presidency of Donald Trump.

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