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The #McResistance is Real.

“Trump the next Hitler! Stop the Trump! Stop the war-devil, nuke-world monster…” …by giving him an additional $700 billion to wage war.

No debate, just give Donald Trump (and the Bush-Obama engorged MIC) hundreds of billions of additional Pentagon dollars — nearly 50% more than the $55 billion annual increase Trump requested — after decades of reducing millions of Americans to poverty and leaving us to drink lead-tainted, carcinogenic “water” in one sacrifice zone after another (Flint, MI, is only the tip of this appalling iceberg)..

Because Donald J. Pussygrabber is simply the captain of an “intramural” squad: “We’re actually all on one team” (the Spend the U.S. Into Oblivion Making Enemies and Slaughtering Millions team, apparently) — President Barack Obama

…STILL waiting for the average “liberal” to recognize that Democrats (every bit as much as Republicans) are pushing a dangerously unpredictable president toward war. That neoconservative foreign policy and endless war is what they are all about, in fact… aside from containing the left.

…STILL waiting for Americans of good conscience to demand an end to the carnage that Washington, DC, has unleashed in the world, especially in the post-9/11 era: in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Georgia, Ukraine, Lebanon, Palestine, Egypt, Somalia, and Yemen, where the latest genocide is underway.

#McResistance is not enough.

(Nor is voting for the “anti-establishment” charlatan Trump enough, conservatives.)

If millions of Americans don’t register Green or Democratic Socialist or something other than GOP/Dem — ASAFP — we can expect more neo-fascist drift, several more “President Trumps,” more demagoguery and division, and gobs more WAR, WAR, WAR, WAR, WAR, WAR, WAR, WAR… until what we’ve been cruelly inflicting on other nations comes barreling back at us, literally exploding onto our shores.

Here’s a tip: Instead of rooting for one intramural squad over another —
when they all work for the same omnicidal, world-fracking oligarchs — try resisting fascism. Like, with reason and liberal, humanist values, rather than slogans, partisanship, and unbridled hate.

Just for a change.

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