Krystal, Saagar, I understand what you’re saying about the dynamism of the general election, but I am 100% sure that Joe Biden cannot defeat Donald Trump under any circumstances. In terms of the 2020 primary, Biden is where he’s at because of brand recognition, DNC/establishment bias, election fraud, and the media that refuses to discuss election fraud (including Rising) and studiously eschews Biden’s glaring vulnerabilities in a general election.

In all likelihood, Biden hasn’t won much and an independent audit of the primary to date would reveal that he’s not even ahead in the earned delegate count. Exit polls have been *way* off in state after state, signaling election fraud. Two months after Iowa’s Caucus, the real vote count is unknown, thanks to a Shadow(y) app and the DNC’s unprecedented intervention. Weeks after the primary in California, millions of votes remain uncounted (per BBC reporter Greg Palast, 75% of the uncounted ballots in 2016’s primary went for Bernie Sanders).

It’s theft in plain sight, using patently unreliable (hackable, unauditable) voting mechanisms, proprietary software, massive voter suppression directed at young voters and people of color, and more.

But the real issue, so far as November is concerned, is that Joe Biden hasn’t really been vetted. With Russiagate, impeachment, and other distractions — and now the pandemic — the American people have barely been following the Democratic primary, and most of the coverage they’ve encountered has been DNC-underwritten propaganda.

Unlike Rising (and Jimmy Dore, Grayzone, MCSC/Niko, et al), the MSM has utterly failed to introduce the public to the real Joe Biden: a pathologically lying, plagiarizing, racist, misogynist, neoconservative, neoliberal corporatist — a deeply corrupt mental marshmallow with his fingerprints on some of the most disastrous and least popular policies of the last few decades: The New Jim Crow, NAFTA, the Iraq War, and the Bankruptcy “reform” bill that saw him labeled “The Senator from MBNA.”

And now there’s a credible rape charge against Joe Biden — which most of the media refuses to cover (kudos to the amazing Katie Halper and also to Rising for giving Tara Reade a chance to tell her story).

The truth is Joe Biden would be an incredibly weak candidate against Donald Trump even without his pronounced mental deterioration. In the debates, Trump will make mincemeat out of Biden and expose his corruption. Mainstream Americans will hear for the first time about Burisma Holdings, Joe’s misogyny, and Hunter’s grifting. The American people will suddenly realize that Joe Biden’s mental health is failing — and it won’t be pretty watching Trump illuminate just how unfit for office the former VP is.

As one shocking revelation follows another, Americans will become intimately acquainted with Joe Biden’s worst qualities during the general election cycle, just as they first learned in 2016 from Trump about Sec. Clinton’s appalling history of racism, warmongering, corruption, and her 30,000 missing e-mails. The American people were edified about these matters by Donald Trump because the corporate media had abdicated its duty (promoting Clinton instead of reporting on her) — and because Bernie had been too much of a “gentleman” to make an issue of the Clintons’ Pay-to-Play State Department/Foundation and their privatization of public servers and various aspects of U.S. foreign policy.

Biden can’t win in 2020. He won’t do nearly as well as Sec. Clinton did in 2016, because as the race currently stands, 2020 promises to be a blow-out for the GOP, delivering a Republican super-majority Congress to Trump in 2021.

Corona-virus will wreak its havoc and the economy will tank, no doubt. But these issues will not sink Donald Trump — they will provide him with an excuse. Like many of Trump’s most dreadful policies, his pork-laden pandemic “relief” bill received nearly unanimous bipartisan support — and the response of Democrats to the virus, from Gov. Cuomo to Joe Biden to DNC Chair Perez, has been every bit as reckless and derelict as the administration’s… so how exactly can maundering, mush-brained Biden turn this into a winning election issue in November?

He can’t.

Since Democrats, including AOC (and Bernie), just gave away the $4.5-trillion store to corporations and the 1% — and hardly anyone (including Rising) is willing to discuss blatant election fraud in the 2020 primary — I don’t see anything but a bleak future for the nation, with or without the corona-virus.

Unfortunately, that includes Trump’s reelection in November.

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