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Trump has made America “great” again… McCarthy LIVES!

I’m back in that place I call Me. Again, I have to distinguish between myself and my warlike, xenophobic, racist-imperialist society.

I love. I excoriate. I grieve.

(And I PAINT.)

(And watch movies.)

(And read comic books.)

(And immerse myself in “political” books by irrelevant people like Chalmers Johnson, Christa Wolf, Hannah Arendt, James Cone, Chris Hedges, Sheldon Wolin, John Loftus…)

President Trump has succeeded beyond any conceivable expectations.

He has made America “great” again, taken us back to that safe, cozy space of indulgent Russia-hating, imaginary democracy, and fleeting wealth.

He’s given American conservatives and liberals the illusion of security, so we can continue ignoring the genocide and tyranny perpetrated by the U.S. deep state (which is not a figment of your imagination).

For mainstream, nominally liberal Americans, Trump has reinforced the absurdist notion that our institutions are healthy and “resisting” what he represents.

(When our institutions, political and corporate, are more racist and genocidal than Trump could ever hope to be.)

The propagandized, McCarthyite “left” is the new right. They demand Trump “take on” Putin, North Korea, and Assad, while ignoring America’s broken election systems and heinous war crimes under Clinton, Bush, and Obama. They remain hawkish even when there’s hope for diplomacy, cessation of war, an end to the killing.

The new “left” has adopted every single NEOCON position in the book. Pushing Donald (F’g) TRUMP to his right… Trump, a patently irresponsible nitwit, with a “tiny hands” complex.


MUELLER is a veteran propagandist. The same goes for Brennan, Clapper, Kristol, Frum, Hayden, the NYT, WaPo…

And by the by, the CIA is not your friend. (How dumb are we?)

The DNC denied the FBI and Homeland Security access to its servers. NO forensic analysis of the “Russian hack” has ever been conducted by our government. (Just a hired contractor of the Democratic Party, an EMPLOYEE of the Clinton campaign.)

Orwell was a fucking prophet.

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