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My god, would you look at this backwards savage!

(Will you? We’ve only killed 500,000 of his country’s citizens. Will you give him the time of day?)

Left, right, and center, we Americans all “know” what a tin-pot dictator Bashar al-Assad is. We all “know” the monstrous things he’s done… At least we think we know, because that’s what all the Very Serious People are saying, ad infinitum, citing sources like Netflix, the al-Nusra Front’s front organization the White Helmets, that guy in England, aka “The Syrian Observatory of Human Rights,” lil’ Bana, and the ever-progressive Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

The corporate media and politicians constantly remind us what a horrible man Bashar Assad is, and the only people who seem to disagree are the vast majority of Syrians — and the few Western journalists who have actually spent time ON THE GROUND in Syria. (Vanessa Beeley and Eva Bartlett come to mind.)

Since 9/11, at least, Syrian president Bashar al-Assad has bent over backwards to appease the genocidal invaders of Iraq (and recidivist sponsors of al Qaeda). He simply won’t surrender his country outright to ethnosectarian maniacs, regional enemies, and a spiraling, flailing, increasingly fascist empire hellbent on world domination as its superpower status is collapsing (the people behind the false-flag chemical-weapons attacks, at least 52 of which have been conducted by ISIS, in Iraq and Syria, per The New York Times).

I know it’s unfashionable/forbidden to contradict the propaganda of our nation’s masters, but I’ve been closely following developments in the Middle East for some time. The truth is that Bashar al-Assad met the Arab Spring in his country — and the indigenous Syrian resistance — with immediate concessions and constitutional reforms, including term limits and multi-party elections.

Compared to the U.S.-sanctioned massacres of civilians in Egypt (and mass-arrests of political dissidents), Assad was goddamned Jeffersonian.

Only that wasn’t enough. Apparently, Assad was supposed to do what the FBI was urging Martin Luther King to do in the 1960s — commit suicide. Nothing less would satisfy. Damascus is, after all, providing a naval port to Russia, aka The Great Satan.

What a jerk, thinking Syria can be a sovereign, independent nation, free to honor its longstanding geopolitical alliances — just when we Americans are frantically demanding that all opposition and non-aligned dissenters DIE, DIE, DIE!

What a barbarian. (Western officials and the six Rupert Murdochs who control 90% of the media told me so.)

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